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Bicycle raincoat,How to choose a bicycle raincoat

by WENHAO QIANG on Jun 23, 2022

A bike raincoat is not an ordinary coat, as long as the style is trendy and the colors look good, it's that simple. What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a bike raincoat?

  1. Water resistance, which is the most basic

If it is not waterproof, it cannot be called a bicycle raincoat. A bike raincoat is no ordinary outerwear, as long as the style is popular and the colors look good, it's as simple as that. When choosing a bike raincoat, the first thing to look for is its waterproof performance. When choosing, carefully check whether the rubber strip inside the riding raincoat is flat and whether there are bubbles. If not, try some water. It's a simple method, but it can be checked to see if it's waterproof. Whether the performance is over.

  1. Look at the cuffs, the constant temperature effect

As we all know, cyclists like to ride all year round. Even if you buy it in summer, you must consider the problem of keeping it warm in winter. Check that the cuffs of the bicycle raincoat are tightened properly, because in winter cyclists must wear gloves. If the cuffs are not tightened properly, this affects the overall heat retention.

  1. Do not choose a raincoat with a hood when riding

As a professional riding raincoat, it is actually different from ordinary one-piece cap raincoats. It is the best attitude to wear a riding raincoat and a riding raincoat separately. If wearing a hooded one-piece raincoat causes wind resistance while riding, it can not fully cover the helmet, and even if there is a retractable rope design, it is easy to be dropped by the wind, causing big obstacles when driving.

  1. Look at the zipper, it's ubiquitous

The main zipper of a bike raincoat is either a waterproof zipper or a fly to keep rain out. If it is an ordinary zipper with a button placket, pay attention to whether there is a folded edge on the placket. This construction allows rainwater to flow down the folded edge without seeping into the zipper.

Is it better to have a split raincoat or a one-piece raincoat when cycling?

The one-piece raincoat is very waterproof, but has the disadvantage of being hot and stuffy.

The split raincoat is not hot and is easy to put on and take off, but the waterproofing is not as good as the one-piece suit.

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