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More Than Raincoats

Dingy Weather, a rainwear brand founded in 1999, has embraced environmental sustainability as a cornerstone in the clothing industry and is committed to providing independent women with high-quality rainwear while protecting the environment. We are proud to use eco-friendly PU fabrics that can be recycled and reused to support the cause of sustainability.

Why did we create Dingy Weather?

We are aware that raincoats play an important role as functional items of clothing in everyday life. Traditional raincoats often lack style and individual design, are of varying quality and are not sufficiently environmentally friendly. With the growing awareness of women's independence, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality clothing products. We also want to redefine the fashion sense of raincoats through creative designs and unique color combinations so that women can show their individuality and self-confidence even on rainy days. We have chosen to use eco-friendly PU fabric that is recyclable and reusable, reducing the consumption of natural resources and environmental impact. By choosing eco-friendly materials and promoting sustainability, we hope to make a positive contribution to the environment and steer the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.


Our brand strengths are environmental sustainability, multicolor, high quality and a unique sense of design. Our slogan is "More than raincoats" because we are more than just a rainwear brand. We pursue a sense of female independence and individuality, breaking traditions and creating classics.

Our customer group is primarily women aged 25-50 in European countries, especially Germany and the Netherlands, who have a growing sense of independent femininity and a higher demand and standard for quality of life. They have high demands on their clothing and are not satisfied with mediocrity, but are looking for individuality and a high-quality experience.

Our Strength





What We are proudly
Eco friendly.

  • Dingy Weather is a brand closely linked to life, and our Mackintoshes are relevant to the everyday needs of the modern woman. We break with traditional ideas and give rainwear an unusual liveliness through unique colors. We use environmentally friendly PU materials to ensure high quality and give a voice to the future. We are redefining rainwear by highlighting the environment and color sense, empowering women to rediscover themselves and seek individuality and quality.

What We are proudly

  • Over the years we have worked closely with a team of experienced designers who incorporate our extensive knowledge of the clothing industry and focus on multi-colored and diverse models. Our uniqueness lies in the use of recycled PU fabrics that combine functionality and fashion to create unique rainwear. We are committed to innovation, both in terms of rain protection and fashion sensibility.

Together into the future

Our vision is for Dingy Weather to become synonymous with classic rainwear. Our mission is to break the boundaries between rainwear and traditional clothing, pursue individuality and high quality, and create classic rainwear. Our value proposition is to combine quality with creativity. What we offer is more than just a raincoat, it represents an independent woman's attitude to life and her commitment to environmental sustainability.

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