PU fabric introduction

by MAXING on Sep 01, 2023

PU fabrics have a variety of outstanding functions. First of all, the high-density PU coating allows the fabric to be water resistant, windproof and rainproof. In winter, it effectively contributes to thermal insulation and prevents air from entering. In addition, PU fabric has impressive water pressure resistance, typically the water pressure of PU fabrics is over 3000mm. This means that there are no worries about the fabric getting wet, even on rainy days. In addition, PU fabric is light and thin, resulting in a comfortable wearing experience.

PU fabrics provide good elasticity and elastic recovery, unlike traditional leather materials that are prone to scratches. The easy-care properties allow light raindrops or dirt to be wiped off directly, making maintenance extremely convenient. The silky-smooth feel also ensures it is comfortable to wear.

The knitted underlay provides the PU fabric with additional protection and functionality. It is lightweight yet robust, which effectively reduces the likelihood of wear and tear. At the same time, it protects the PU coating and prevents it from sticking to other clothing. This two-layer combination not only combines the advantages of PU fabric, but also strengthens the properties of the knitted lining, which contributes to comprehensively improving the performance of the clothing material.

In summary, PU fabrics' double-layer design perfectly integrates the PU coating and the knitted lining. This unique structure gives the fabric numerous functions, including water resistance, windproof, rain protection, comfort, lightness and environmental friendliness. The knit backing as an inner material not only strengthens the overall structure and robustness, but also provides important support for the durability and protection of the fabric. This design and functionality of the PU fabric make it a promising choice in the field of fashion and practicality.

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