Der beste Regenmantel, welches Material ist der beste Regenmantelstoff?
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The best raincoat, what material is the best raincoat fabric?

by WENHAO QIANG on Jun 22, 2022

The raincoat fabric is the fabric used to process the raincoat. This kind of fabric has good waterproof performance, so it is called raincoat fabric.

What are the properties of raincoat fabrics?

  1. Oxford raincoat fabric, this kind of raincoat fabric is made of nylon or polyester fabric. The biggest feature of this kind of raincoat fabric is that it is soft to the touch, easy to wash and quick to dry, easy to absorb moisture and breathable.

  1. Nylon raincoats are also among my usual rainproof fabrics. Nylon raincoats have good color and light feel and wear resistance, but the only downside is that they are easily deformed and wrinkled.

  1. The greatest feature of Chun Yafang raincoat fabric is lightness. The fatal disadvantage is that the coating on the surface of the fabric is easily damaged, which greatly reduces the rainproofness of Chunyafang raincoat fabric!

How should raincoat fabrics be stored?

Because the fabric of the raincoat has a rainproof coating on the surface, in order to achieve the rainproof function, it is usually necessary to avoid contact with sharp objects when using it, resulting in a reduction in the rainproof effect. Store separately, do not damage small animals.

Usually do not expose to the sun in a high temperature environment or the sun, which will damage the protective layer of the fabric!

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