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Dingy Weather

We have been offering high-quality clothing since 1992

Dingy Weather is a true-to-life outerwear raincoat brand. The brand's entire series breaks thinking and cognition, giving the raincoat different vitality with a unique sense of visual color. Using eco-friendly PU material while ensuring high quality defines the future. The exclusive original design breaks the boundaries of traditional clothing and raincoats, interpreting the unique fashion sense of raincoats.

why we?

Dingy Weather® is committed to breaking the boundaries between raincoats and traditional clothing, rejecting mediocrity, breaking creativity and creating classic raincoats


Dingy Weather brand adheres to the mission of customer first and the concept of serving the world. Based on high-quality in-depth color research, pushing the boundaries of traditional clothing with its original design sense, creating leading creative raincoats, providing customers with more refined raincoats and more intimate user experience.