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peak time raincoat,What color raincoat to wear on rainy days

by WENHAO QIANG on Jun 29, 2022

On rainy days, due to poor visibility, you can wear a brightly colored raincoat to remind pedestrians and passing vehicles to pay attention. For example, bright red, bright yellow, orange, etc. You can also choose a raincoat with a fluorescent warning strip that shows a clear fluorescence in low light at night, enough to warn pedestrians and vehicles.

How to choose a raincoat

  1. The color of the raincoat

There are many people who choose raincoats to choose the color they like, and as everyone knows, choosing the color is very important. When it rains, the vision is slightly blurred and the vision is affected. If you choose a light-colored raincoat, it will not be easily spotted by passing vehicles or pedestrians on rainy days, especially rainy nights, which poses safety risks. Therefore, the color of the raincoat should choose bright bright colors, such as red, light yellow, blue, etc.

  1. The texture of the raincoat

Raincoats are mostly plastic products. When choosing raincoats, choose a raincoat that is soft to the touch and has a lining that does not break easily and does not scratch the face, especially for children with sensitive skin.

  1. The smell of raincoats

When choosing a raincoat, be sure to open it first and smell it to see if there is an unpleasant smell. Some raincoats contain paint components, and the smelly ones often exceed the standard of harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Be careful not to choose such raincoats to avoid harm to the body.

  1. The style of the raincoat

The raincoat should be chosen according to the means of transport used and must not be too large, as it is easy to walk on and there are dangers to your own safety.

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