Since the long-term residue of raincoat jackets will cause creases on the outside of the raincoat, how to quickly remove these obvious stains?


  • Find obvious wrinkles
  • Open the raincoat, find the corresponding lining, unfold it
  • Use an iron with a temperature less than 60 ° C to press close to the lining
  • Note: Don't stay too long, let each place heat evenly
  • Ironing the outer layer of the raincoat jacket: Use the hot water and steam of the iron to evenly heat the outer layer 5 cm away from the outer fabric so that the creases are softened quickly and the coated fabric is not burned.
  • Quickly smooth the surface with your hands to remove wrinkles
  • Do the above operations for other positions
  • Last time I checked the creases on the outside of the raincoat have disappeared



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