Regenmantel für kleine Hunde, Regenmantel für kleine Hunde bei Regenwetter
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Raincoat for small dogs, raincoat for small dogs in rainy weather

by WENHAO QIANG on Sep 02, 2022

Today's raincoats are not just limited to human raincoats, dogs have their own raincoats too. Also, according to dog breeds, dog raincoats are divided into large dog raincoats and small dog raincoats. Dog's skin is different from human's, it's impossible to take a bath every time you come back from a walk in the rain, so when choosing dog raincoats, the waterproof effect must be the first choice. Today's article recommends a raincoat suitable for small dogs on rainy days, so that your pet can walk with it on rainy days.

Dog raincoat PU raincoat for dogs Diggy

Raincoat for small dogs

dog raincoat

This raincoat is made of PU material and 100% polyurethane coating, which can keep the dog cool at all times when walking in the rain, and also has good windproof effect. On rainy days, visibility is blurry and visibility is low. A little carelessness leads to traffic accidents. To avoid such tragedies, this raincoat is also equipped with reflective shields, which can keep dogs safe even in dark environments.

This raincoat is different from the previous raincoats. Even in heavy rainy weather, any area covered by the raincoat can be dry. Dogs can wear it all day without any discomfort. To meet the use of different size dogs, dog raincoats are specially designed in five sizes for users to choose for their pets. At the same time, raincoats are also designed in different colors, including grey, orange and yellow.

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