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Through years of experience and numerous successfully completed projects, we have grown into a strong WordPress agency. As a result, we have specialized in the development and optimization of websites.
You get everything about your website from a single source!

What sets us apart as a WordPress agency:

You can rely on our services! We put over 30 websites live in 2019 and gained very satisfied customers. With WordPress we are able to customize your website to suit you. Through various plug-ins and our experienced developers, we can enable complex graphical representations and create a corporate design tailored to your needs. This sets you apart from your competition and gives you recognition.

Our services as a WordPress agency:

Advantages of WordPress:

Open source

Because WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS), new plug-ins regularly come onto the market that offer new solutions for presentations but also improve technical aspects. This is a very big advantage, as this aspect makes WordPress a very future-proof CMS, as developers from all over the world can work on and with WordPress and it is constantly being developed further.

Easy handling

WordPress allows even non-technical people to customize content and integrate new content. This is very important for your further work with the website, because it allows you to make small changes yourself, such as replacing outdated content or setting up new pages, without requiring any further help. We will of course give you an introduction to WordPress, but if you still need support with smaller changes, we are still happy to help you.

Responsive design

In this day and age, when over 50% of Internet users access websites via mobile devices, it is of course particularly important that your website and its content are displayed on mobile devices exactly as you want. WordPress offers innovative solutions that our developers implement in their daily work. So you can rely on us to design your website responsively.

loading time

Compared to other content management systems, WordPress is lightweight and reduces loading times enormously. This can also have a big impact on your Google ranking, as Google officially included website loading times as a ranking factor in 2014. In addition, you can optimize your loading times using various WordPress plugins, but modern file formats such as WebM also improve your loading times enormously.

If you need support in implementing your project, we will be happy to help you. Write us an email or simply call us. We look forward to seeing you!

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