Why we provide micro inverter?

We have been indepth research in the raincoat industry for many years, with professional experience and team. With the changes in the environment and the current situation of energy shortage, we also want to provide more help for people's daily life, so we began to enter the new energy industry, researching products such as micro-inverters, solar panels, etc., not only for people's daily life Provide help and make your own contribution to human progress and the protection of the environment.

Our price!

We're currently in the new product promotion period, so all products have huge discounts, and now is the best time for you to get this product. We will restore the original price in the near future, if you need this product, please buy it as soon as possible.

How is our project progressing?

S&Y - The new energy department was founded in January 2022. Through professional market analysis and data, we obtained the agency distribution rights of NEP, GTB, HongZheng and products. We have built a warehouse in Hamburg & Neumünster, Germany, and can serve Germany and Europe Commercial and industrial new energy product supply center. Our current product lines: photovoltaic modules, generators, inverters for solar systems and micro-inverters, batteries for off-grid and hybrid systems Product certificates: TÜV (Germany), IEC, UL (USA), JET, CSA and CE. Our strict product selection ensures the highest quality of the products we sell. We as a German brand. We always strive to contribute to protecting the environment.

Our vision?

We will continue to devote ourselves to developing new energy businesses, developing more solar energy-related products, collaborating with more clean energy brands, and providing high-quality solar energy products and services and even more clean energy products to the majority of users. to contribute to the progress and development of environmental protection.