Natural, eco-friendly, optimistic, positive ——brand concept
Why is it a raincoat?
No one will refuse to see a more beautiful self, and rainy days are no exception.
The humid temperature and dirty rain hit us, and the desolate appearance made us feel as gloomy as the weather.
In Europe, a region that experiences rainy weather all year round, traveling comfortably has become a tricky task.
Still, her choice of raincoat seems to have been very strict.
From rubber materials to ribbons and later to gabardine, nylon and even plastic... People's demand for raincoats has evolved from the beginning from functional waterproofing to a pursuit of fashion, beauty and comfort.
A rain jacket is a rain jacket. Not only does that sound extremely simple, it's also not true.
There is almost always an exciting story behind a successful creation. An idea creates a product - a premium brand grows from motivation and know-how.
We at DINGY WEATHER have been making sure that water simply rolls off our customers for over 25 years.
Even more. We identify with a deep realization:
The art of life is to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.
Dancing in the rain? DINGY WEATHER provides at least three very good reasons for this:
Our sustainable production,
a colorful design
paired with
maximum functionality!
The aspect of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. Our state-of-the-art production technology can be described as exemplary. In a proven and complex recycling process, we use PET bottles and plastic bags, among other things, for our waterproof materials. Conversely, our textile fibers can be recycled with almost no residue. We are particularly proud of this great, environmentally friendly cycle.
Sustainability, functionality – of course, our focus is also on an attractive appearance. You and we want to look good in the gray rain and that's exactly what we're working on with a top German designer. She has lived and worked in Italy for many years and her cuts and attention to detail make our jackets unique. When it comes to functionality, we at DINGY WEATHER are setting new standards! It goes without saying that our clothing will keep you dry even in bad weather. But it's not just in Hamburg, where our company is based, that people like it pleasantly warm in cold, wet weather. For this reason, many models are lined with fluffy fur. Important: No rabbit had to die for this. Faux fur provides us with the famous feel-good effect.
But enough words: describing DINGY WEATHER is one thing – experiencing DINGY WEATHER remains unique.
With this in mind, our team wishes you a good time, completely independent of wind and weather forecasts!