Although rainy days bring a lot of trouble to our travels, they cannot stop women's never-ending pursuit of beauty. What would a fashion-loving woman wear on a rainy day? Let's take a look at today's recommended yellow raincoat for women. It is practical and beautiful. I want to wear it next time I go out on a rainy day.


Made from recycled polyester, this rain jacket is lined with soft cotton that is warm and windproof, so wind and rain won't chill you out. The raincoat can withstand a water pressure of 4000 mm and protects you even in heavy rain. The cut of the raincoat is designed to fit so well that you won't feel restricted. There is an adjustable hip belt at the waist that you can adjust to your body type and needs. Your valuables are safely stored in the flap pocket and cannot easily fall down and get lost.

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In addition to its high quality and waterproofness, this functional raincoat offers another practical function: the cotton inner lining of the raincoat can be worn completely separately from the outer jacket. The jacket is easy to clean and resistant to water pressure from 5000mm to 15000mm. All seams are heat-sealed and thus ensure a high level of moisture protection for the raincoat. In addition, the 3-in-1 raincoat is not only waterproof and windproof, but also features reflective elements for added safety.

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【Multifunctional】 Quick-drying, waterproof, windproof, warm, UV-resistant, breathable, durable, warm, anti-static. Perfect for mountaineering, cycling, camping, hiking, running, traveling, fishing and outdoor travel in all seasons.

【Beautiful】 Classic styles in 4 classic colors combined with more modern new elements, the perfect combination of design and comfort, this raincoat can be the right size for everyone.

【Practical two-way zipper】 The women's raincoat has a sturdy zipper that pulls the hem of the raincoat from the bottom up when necessary to make your movement more convenient.Purchase address: /products/jacky