Hi there,

I am very pleased that you can participate in our "Halloween" activities. The "Halloween" activities we will be doing from April 25th October to 1 November events are as follows:

activity one
Carousel lottery, users participate in the carousel on the home page of ding.eu official website.

click on dingy.ru, to enter the website, the gift on the left side of the online store will be brought to the event page and prizes will be raffled!

Activity two:
Take the game"find pumpkins" part, find the number of pumpkins on the specified product page according to the prompts and submit to the answer page, and we will email you to add a chance for a lottery to all the correct answers.Activity link: Click to enter

Price Name: Commodity coupon,exquisite necklace, coupon, children's gym bag, KN95 mask, raincoat.

Take part in the "Halloween" event and become a subscriber to the Dingy website. We will continue to release exciting products and event information, please stay tuned!

The rules of the activity are as follows:

  1.  Each user eligible to participate in the event can only use one email account to participate in this event. All users who register on my dingy.eu platform eliminate any scam such as dingy.eu website reserves the right to fulfill users' legal obligations.
  2.  Registration using someone else's mobile phone number, address and other information, or registration in an unusual way, registration of multiple accounts by one person, etc. is considered illegal registration, the same mobile phone, the same IP, the same or very similar shipping address, the same device number or other circumstances that reasonably appear as the same user are considered the same user. dingy.eu Mall has the right to independently determine whether, to the best of their knowledge, the users participating in the activity have committed any violations. If the user violates these rules, dingy.eu Mall has the right to take back the gifts given and other gifts to edit or even freeze registered users.
  3.  During the entire event period, any user entitled to participate in the event can participate in this event;
  4. The number of gifts is limited. According to the number of gifts listed in the table in Article 5 of the rules of this activity, first come, first served, while supplies last.
  5. If the shipping address, phone number or other related information used by the participating users constitutes any kind of "fraud" identified by the dingy.eu website, the dingy.eu website has the right to cancel their eligibility to participate and the . to take back goods that have been presented.
  6. When participating in the event, the dingy.eu website has the right to refuse shipment for the following reasons for the user's unilateral reasons:
  • A. When using fictitious, obvious errors or without providing the specific shipping address;
  • B. using a fictitious or obviously false cell phone number or other contact information;
  • C. Violating the rules of this activity or prohibited conduct on the dingy website.
If a user eligible to participate in the event chooses to participate in this event, this will be deemed as acceptance of all rules of this event and participation in the event will be deemed to have been given up, otherwise the dingy.eu website has the right to cancel their eligibility to participate.
If you have any questions about the event rules or any other questions, please feel free to contact dingy.eu customer service for advice: info@dingy.eu.

 The details of gifts for this event are as follows: 

Would  value
30% coupon Only for SPRING 2021&WINTER 2020
40% coupon Only for SPRING 2021&WINTER 2020
Gymnastics for children 15 EUR
face mask 100 EUR
Exquisite accessories (necklace) 99 EUR
rain jacket 150 EUR


prize distribution:
We have received your winning information. The prizes will be sent to you within 7 working days after the end of the event. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email:info@dingy.eu