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dingy offers from 22. November 2021 to 30. November 2021 Black Friday discounts.

70% off products are:Amy、Angel、CHERRY、Gina、Jacky、LILY、MARY、ALFRED(Total 8 models)


50% discount products include: Alice、Belle-1、Belle-2、Ella、Emily-New、Fundy、Kim、Sherry、Bruce、Robert、Humphrey、James(Total 11 models)


40% discount products include:Emily-A、Helen、Holly、Jasmine、Jessica、Jessica-S、VivianWendy、Alfred-U、William、James-A,(Total 10 models)


PS:Alice、Belle-1、Helen、Jessica-S、Wendy(Order more than 5 products, the dirty ones will be sent to Bert rain boots