Rules for hiring assessors
Dingy Weather invites external experts!
To be able to communicate more closely with our customers and help the Dingy Weather brand continue to grow and develop. Our team is now soliciting product reviews from customers. The main contents are as follows:
1. What types of clients can apply for appraisers? Answer: Customers who purchased Dingy Weather
2. How do I register? Answer: The Dingy Weather team will send an email invitation to register, providing us with your height and weight and your address.
3. How do I conduct a product review? Answer: We will send you a specific style raincoat and a product evaluation form for free. After receiving the goods, please carefully fill out the questions on the evaluation form. It would be great if you would like to attach some pictures of the upper body of the raincoat. . The questions on the evaluation form are only asked by the production and design teams, and customers can give us further suggestions according to their own conditions.