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Black raincoat for women, you can maintain a high-end style even on rainy days

by WENHAO QIANG on Dec 20, 2022

Clothing design mostly uses black to create a noble image, and it is also a main color that is always popular and can be combined with many colors. Black is also a popular color when buying raincoats. The Dingy Weather brand adheres to the mission of users first and the concept of serving the world. Based on high quality and in-depth color research, it pushes the boundaries of traditional clothing with its original design sense. With professionalism and craftsmanship, many types of black women's raincoats have been created.

Today I recommend you several different styles of black raincoats

Paragraph 1: Women's waterproof raincoat BELLE


This raincoat is a casual straight windbreaker with multiple colors to choose from to meet your needs for different occasions. Features include the use of recycled PU fabrics and recycled YKK zippers, which are more environmentally friendly. Equipped with a brimmed hat for better rain protection and adjustable cuffs for easier on and off. Cotton lining, softer and smoother, not easy to shrink.

This hooded raincoat is made of ultra-waterproof fabric, lightweight, breathable, packable, skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, casual and casual. This raincoat keeps you dry on all rainy days.

Paragraph 2: Women's water sweat for long rains MEGAN

The cold winter needs a warm raincoat, our raincoat is made of environmentally friendly waterproof PU fabric, windproof, rainproof, filled with high quality cotton, soft to the touch and good warming effect. Features include the use of heat seal technology at the connection of the raincoat, which is more waterproof; The cuffs are adjustable and the brim design is more rainproof. The whole raincoat is fashionable and has a good warming effect.

The main parts of the outer layer of the raincoat are connected by a heat sealing process instead of using ordinary threads for sewing,absolutely no water entry. The cotton in the raincoat is not less than 80g, the raincoat is very warm, but the clothes are not heavy.

100% recycled PU fabric, the fabric is soft and does not fade, environmentally friendly fabrics have no peculiar smell, water pressure resistance 8000mm.

Dingy Weather is an outerwear rainwear brand that is close to life. The brand's entire series breaks thinking and recognition and uses a unique visual color sense to give raincoats a different vitality. The use of environmentally friendly PU materials defines the future and ensures high quality. The exclusive original design breaks the boundaries of traditional clothing and raincoats and interprets the unique fashion sense of raincoats.

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