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Raincoat women's long outdoor,Easy to deal with outdoor travel

by WENHAO QIANG on Dec 14, 2022

In response to the ever-changing outdoor environment, Dingy Weather specially designs women's raincoats with outdoor practicality and urban fashion sense for delicate and elegant women to meet the needs of lifestyles such as rainy season travel, travel and vacation, and outdoor excursions . When it comes to clothing materials, the switch from PVC to PU materials doesn't just mean an improvement in the quality and texture of raincoats. It also fits perfectly with the concept of environmental protection, high-quality present, defining the future.

Today I recommend two raincoats that are suitable for outdoor travel

Paragraph 1: Women's water sweat for long rains MEGAN

Women's water sweat for long rains MEGAN

The cold winter needs a warm raincoat , our raincoat is made of environmentally friendly waterproof PU fabric, windproof, rainproof, filled with high quality cotton, soft to the touch and good warming effect. Features include the use of heat seal technology at the connection of the raincoat, which is more waterproof; The cuffs are adjustable and the brim design is more rainproof. The whole raincoat is fashionable and has a good warming effect.

  1. Covered front zipper, two-layer protective design with metal snaps and YKK zipper.
  2. Wider brim to protect your face from rain;reflective logo on sleeve protects you at night.
  3. Interior pockets provide security for your belongings; the lines inside the raincoat are very tight and do not run cotton.
  4. The front zippered chest strap can be put into a mobile phone and can detect incoming calls at any time; the hat cord is adjustable; The top of the zipper is designed to avoid pinching the chin.
  5. The tail of the back of the winter coat has a split design with snap fasteners, which is more convenient for you to exercise.
  6. Multiple ventilation holes under the armpits.

Paragraph 2: Women's waterproof raincoat BELLE

Women's waterproof raincoat BELLE

This raincoat is a casual straight windbreaker with multiple colors to choose from to meet your needs for different occasions. Features include the use of recycled PU fabrics and recycled YKK zippers, which are more environmentally friendly. Equipped with a brimmed hat for better rain protection and adjustable cuffs for easier on and off. Cotton lining, softer and smoother, not easy to shrink.

Our women's raincoats are perfect for outdoor activities in all seasons such as camping, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering, picnics, running, hiking, travel, etc.Soft lining

Dingy Weather is committed to breaking the boundaries between raincoats and traditional clothing, rejecting mediocrity, breaking through creativity and creating classic raincoats.

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