Silver 600W Silver Microwechselrichter/WLAN//5Jahre Garantie/IP65
600W Silver Microwechselrichter/WLAN//5Jahre Garantie/IP65
Silver Gtb 600w Mppt Solar Inverter Grid Tie Micro Inverter Wifi App Control
Silver Gtb 600w Mppt Solar Inverter Grid Tie Micro Inverter Wifi App Control

GTB-600w Mppt Solar Inverter Grid Tie Micro Inverter Wifi App Control

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Product description

BreeRainz 600W Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter, IP65 Waterproof Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter

Build your solar system

Our BreeRainz's grid-tied inverters feature a high-efficiency MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function that better tracks changes in solar irradiance and controls the varying output power, effectively capturing and collecting the sunlight and the AC power using reverse transmission technology transmits. The output power of the inverter can be passed to the load for priority use, thereby providing additional energy to the grid and effectively converting sunlight into clean green electricity.



  • AC 0 angle with high-precision automatic detection

AC phase angle from 0 through isolation amplifier, then input to MCU for high precision detection and analysis. The phase shift rate is less than 1%, which achieves high precision with phase modulation AC output together.

  • Automatically adapt to different load power factors Adapt to each of the power loads.
  • Synchronous high frequency modulation

In the process of the mains, usually match the same phase angle in parallel, and the product is first rectified to 100Hz, then the machine uses the high-frequency current in the circuit and the generated AC half-frequency 100Hz combination to achieve high-frequency modulation.

  • Constant current, constant power

This product is constant current, constant power output, without overload, over-current phenomenon.

  • Shut down automatically

When the output power of a fault occurs in the city power grid failure, the inverter switches the output power

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